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Other Physical Therapies

Bio-resonance is a diagnostic and therapeutic treatment. A detailed prior medical history is essential for this procedure. The diagnosis is then carried out using bio-resonance. This is a specialised and painless test method. The therapist establishes whether intolerances or stresses are present and whether they are weakening specific organs.

Autohemotherapy is a form of stimulation and regulation therapy. It leads to a change in the organism's responsiveness, resulting in the rise of immune bodies in the blood, an increase of the general immune status and the activation of the body's self-healing processes.

Neural therapy according to Huneke is based on two principles: the interference field theory and the segment theory. The interference field theory is based on the presumption that pathological processes, injuries, inflammation or scarring in an organ can have harmful effects on other organs in the body. The organism tries to compensate for such interferences. The segment therapy assumes that there are neural connections between the organs and the body's outer covering (skin). It is assigned to a particular area of skin on each section of the body.

Mesotherapy is a gentle, minimally invasive naturopathic treatment that is often conducted in connection with neural therapy, traditional Chinese acupuncture, and reflexology.

PRP (platelet-rich plasma) applications are used today in many different areas, for example in Orthopaedics or in Aesthetics. They can preserve structure over the long term and have constructive effects.

An ultrasound treatment produces an expansion of the vessels and stimulates circulation, lymphatic flow, purification of the skin’s metabolism, and production of elastin and collagen, which give the skin elasticity, stunning radiance, and wrinkle reduction.

The medical tradition of Hildegard von Bingen refers to diagnosis and prescriptions based on theories on humours, phlegm and mucus. Hildegard von Bingen differentiated between dry, moist, spongy and lukewarm. If one of these humours dominates, various diseases can arise.

EssSense is a holistic nutritional and metabolic program that pinpoints problems with nutrition and metabolism and offers sustainable solutions through individually tailored nutritional concepts.

The goal of Jacobson progressive muscle relaxation is to achieve sustainable relaxation through the tensing and subsequent loosening of the muscles, starting at the initial level and working onward.

Kinesiology is the study of movement, and movement is the gateway to learning. This learning takes place at all levels, from parents, to school, at work and in social contact. Movement is life itself and leads to change. The tool of kinesiology is the muscle test. As the muscles are supplied with different levels of energy , dependent on specific stress levels, each muscle reacts differently to pressure.

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