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Kinesiology is the study of movement, and movement is the gateway to learning. This learning takes place at all levels, from parents, at school, at work and through social contact with others. Movement is life itself, and it is change.

The function of the muscles can be compared to that of a swinging door. If both springs in the swinging door have the same force, then the door comes to a halt in the centre. If one spring is stronger, then the weaker spring cannot match the movements of the stronger spring in order to bring the door back to the centre. Likewise, if one side of a muscle is limp, the opposing muscle has to apply increased fore to compensate for the limp muscle. The resulting lopsided posture can result in significant stress and pain, such as back pain, migraines and breathing problems. Associated symptoms can include learning and concentration problems and poor penmanship, among other issues.

Individual Kinesiology Therapy

The tool of kinesiology is the muscle test. Because the muscles are supplied with varying levels of energy depending on stress levels, they react differently to pressure.

Personal stress factors can include things like reading, exams, public speaking or upcoming surgery appointments. If the energy flows are balanced in the body, we can better use our skills to reach our potential.

By working on ourselves, we promote personal responsibility and harmonious growth on a physical, psychological and mental level.

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