Naturheilpraxis Berlin Potsdamer Platz für klassische Heilverfahren und Psychotherapie Naturopathy Practice Berlin Potsdamer Platz for Classic Therapies and Psychotherapy


Acupuncture is a well-known area of traditional Chinese medicine. There are around 350 acupuncture points on 12 main meridians and two central meridians (also called energy lines), connecting the muscles, tendons and organs.

After a detailed discussion about your medical history and a pulse diagnosis, acupuncture points for each treatment are determined and punctured. Activating the acupuncture points with the needles releases ailments and blockages, which in turn, activates the meridians and the chi – the life force that stimulates the body.

Acupuncture involves both puncturing the acupuncture points with needles and warming the acupuncture points with moxa cones or moxa cigars.

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