Naturheilpraxis Berlin Potsdamer Platz für klassische Heilverfahren und Psychotherapie Naturopathy Practice Berlin Potsdamer Platz for Classic Therapies and Psychotherapy


Massages have pleasant and relaxing effects on the body, mind and soul.

A classic massage promotes circulation in the tissues, relaxes all of the muscles in the body, helps dissolve tension and prevents back pain.

A foot reflexology massage is a special massage technique on the soles of the feet specifically designed to stimulate the body's regenerative powers and harmonise and balance the inner organ system.

The glacier massage is a kneading massage technique. It uses pure essential oils to promote circulation and dissolve deep tensions, especially in the back and neck.

Manual lymphatic drainage is a special kind of stroking massage. This technique helps promote lymph flow and removes blockages and water retention in the tissues.

The Breuß massage is a special, gentle and energetic spinal regeneration massage that was developed by Rudolf Breuß to target overloaded spinal discs.

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