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There are various treatment methods in psychotherapy, including behavioural therapy, conversation-based therapy or guided imagery, among others.

Behavioural therapy is primarily a path to self-help treatment. The knowledge of personal feelings and behaviours is the key to the treatment. Impaired processing of experiences and perceptions, which mostly start in childhood, appear in current behaviours. The treatment helps clients work out these mechanisms so they can effect positive change.

In conversation-based therapy, clients discuss their wishes, goals and feelings with a therapist to try to develop independent solutions. The success of this method depends on the therapist's ability to offer an unconditional and positive appraisal, show empathy and be open to putting him or herself into clients' shoes to understand their feelings, thoughts and perceptions. The therapist offers suggestions, but not advice.

Guided imagery is a form of therapy that works with ideas, fantasies and dreams. The basic principle of guided imagery is resolution and processing through the imagination. Guided imagery balances training methods with psychoanalytic work. The doctor and psychotherapist Prof. Hans Carl Leuner developed guided imagery in 1954. Today, it is a recognized method that has found its place in the area of psychodynamic psychotherapy in the form of daydream work through simple verbal suggestions.

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