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Guided Imagery

Psychotherapy refers to the treatment of mental illnesses through recognised psychotherapeutic methods such as behaviour therapy, conversation-based therapy and guided imagery.

Guided imagery is a form of therapy that involves the ideas, fantasies and dreams of the client. It is founded on the resolution and processing of the imagination. Guided imagery balances psychoanalytic work with practical training methods.

Each person carries out helpful conversations with friends and acquaintances, both consciously and unconsciously. Parents carry out conversations with their children that develop emotional and spiritual growth. Teachers carry out these conversations with pupils and their parents.

Therapeutic conversations are based mainly on non-judgemental, sensitive empathy with the inner world of the client. It considers his or her own interpretations and feelings and aims to achieve an empathetic understanding of his or her inner experiences. Sometimes, a few conversations are sufficient to achieve a positive result.

Your Treatment

Consultation/Telephone Consultation:
30 minutes | 35 €

History/diagnosis before
every initial treatment:
30 minutes | 40 €

Therapy session:
60 minutes | 80 €
Each additional 30 minutes | 40 €

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Guided Imagery Berlin Potsdamer Platz
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