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Bioresonance Diagnosis and Therapy

Diagnosis and treatment in bioresonance therapy (also called bioinformation therapy) is carried out using electromagnetic waves. Healthy and disruptive waves in the human body as well as medications and other substances are detected and modulated by their vibrations.


Allergies, eczema, migraines, pain, giving up smoking, weight loss, heavy metal detox, strengthening the immune system and many more.

Bioresonance therapy can also often find hidden causes of illness. Daily exposure to environmental pollutions, chemical substances in foods and drinking water, viruses, bacteria, electrosmog and more can overload the human immune system.

The communication between the over 9 trillion cells in our bodies becomes unbalanced. The first consequences often range from unclear mood disorders, chronic fatigue and loss of energy to severe physical disorders with changes in the organs.

Bioinformation therapy can detect the individual stress reactions and create individual therapeutic reactions.


For this therapeutic method, a previous detailed medical history is essential.

The diagnosis is carried out with the bioresonance device. This is a specialised and painless test procedure. The therapist discovers whether intolerances or stresses are preset and specific organs are weakened.


An individual treatment plan including accompanying measures is created with the patient. The number of therapy appointments is individually set depending on the severity and duration of the illness in question. The patient can sit or lie down to relax during the therapy session.

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