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Acid-Base Regulation

Acidity reduction is the key to physical and mental health. In Naturopathy, the regulation of acid and base levels in the body is one of the most important foundations of any therapy. For countless years, both therapy science and practical experience has shown the harmfulness of acidity (acidosis).

The acid-base balance is determined through the body's pH values and is easy to perform. The values are ordered on a scale from 0 to 14. The acidic range begins at the pH level of 0, the neutral range lies around the pH level of 7, and the alkaline level runs to a pH level of 14.

During the day, acid and base surges can be measured, which develop through biological rhythms and through the metabolism of food. These biological rhythms can be disrupted by strong acidity. Most of the deposits in bodily tissues are emptied at night. Therefore, urine samples taken in the morning give a good indication of the current state of the acid-base balance in the body.

We obtain most acids in the body through food. Stress, medications, illnesses, environmental pollution and many other factors can contribute to high acidity. Common consequences of a poor acid-base balance are lack of energy, exhaustion and lack of drive.

To regulate the acid-base balance, the body can be supplied with bases on a daily basis. This includes the intake of high alkaline foods, as well as supplements such as alkal ine powder, tablets or infusions. To derive toxins out of the tissues, it is helpful to take one-hour alkaline baths once or twice a week.

We will gladly provide information and help you create your personal regulatory plan in a detailed consultation.

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