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EssSense – The Holistic Nutrition and Metabolic Programme

Each person is unique. Everyone's metabolism reacts differently to certain foods. Illness, decline in productivity, poor sleep, obesity and diet-related diseases are often obvious signs of metabolic problems.

EssSense is a holistic nutrition and metabolic programme which reveals such problems and poses sustainable solutions through individually oriented diet concepts.

During an extensive medical history consultation and subsequent diagnosis, the health of the patient is ascertained. Afterwards, a blood sample is taken.

The analysis and evaluation of the blood values using classical laboratory diagnostics allows conclusions to be drawn regarding the functioning of important organs and organ systems. In addition, a completely different kind of blood test, the IgG immune test, determines whether the body has developed an immune response to individual foods.

All of this information is taken into account in the selection of suitable foods for the patient and for the creation of a personal nutrition plan.

Food Immunodiagnostics – the IgG Immune Test

The IgG immune test checks whether individual foods trigger specific immune responses (which are found through the so-called immunoglobulin G). In such reactions, the immune system considers foods to be foreign bodies and treats them like pathogens.

This immune reaction can contribute to health problems and obesity. In both practice and in various studies, it has been observed that the abstinence of foods that cause such immune reactions leads to an improvement of various symptoms and causes weight loss.

IgG immune reactions are also known as delayed type reactions, as a noticeable effect frequently only occurs up to 72 hours after ingestion. These are not to be confused with acute IgE food allergies, in which the body responds within seconds to minutes after the consumption of a food.

After receiving the nutrition concept and the blood test results, the therapist follows up with an evaluation.

The EssSence 5-Level Program

The personalised nutrition programme consist s of five successive levels. The rules and guidelines for each individual level are set so that the patient's metabolism can recover and normalise as quickly and effectively as possible. The patient is guided step-by-step through each level, from the 'Cleansing' phase to the 'Plan for Life' phase, which is designed to maintain the achieved sense of well being and the target weight.

Level: Cleansing and Detox
Level: Regeneration – the Consistent Diet
Level: Relief
Level: Expansion
Level: A Plan for Life

Each level has its own recommendations and customised lengths. The goal is reached at the last level, 'Plan for Life'. Then, the goal is to maintain the target weight and the sense of well being achieved through the programme. Therapeutic care is provided through the duration of the programme, which sometimes also includes other forms of naturopathic therapy.

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