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Tongue Diagnosis

Tongue diagnosis plays a central role in traditional Chinese medicine. It provides indications of the status of a disease, the course of a disease, the functional cycles that are involved and pathogenic factors.

The tongue has a connection to the organs, the meridians and the vessels and is a projection of the body itself.

Tongue size

  • Small tongue, large or swollen tongue

Colour and Quality of the Tongue Coating

  • Whitish, yellowish, greyish, blackish, dry, very moist, curdy, increasing, decreasing or disappearing coating


  • Organ reference, tooth impressions, moisture load, lingual veins


  • Stiff, trembling or laterally divergent tongue

The shape and colour of the tongue reveal the circulation of Qi, Xue, Yin and Yang from the bodily fluids and their substance.

Tongue diagnosis can be used on its own or in combination with other diagnostic procedures. After a holistic case history and diagnosis, an individual therapy plan is created for you, which always includes a comprehensive solution comprising several procedures.

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