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Dark Field Diagnosis

Dark field diagnosis is a special diagnostic procedure in which a drop of blood is examined using a dark field microscope.
The capillary drop is taken from the fingertip or the earlobe and is viewed immediately.

A dark field microscope is a microscope which is equipped with a special condenser – the dark field condenser. It generates a dark field image with a dark background. The advantage is that no dyes or fixatives are necessary, and therefore no alterations to the live blood take place.
From an image size of 1/1000 mm, all details can be observed.

Depending on the clinical procedure, dark field diagnosis can observe various peculiarities and detect important indications of certain disease tendencies in the body, for example:

  • Circulatory disorders
  • Disorders of various organ systems, such as
    - Gastrointestinal tract
    - Liver
    - Kidneys
    - Thyroid
    - Pancreas
  • Allergies
  • Hyperacidity
  • Weakening of the immune system

Dark field diagnosis can already detect disorders before actual discomforts and illnesses have broken out.

For the patient, it is very impressive to see his or her own live blood on the adjacent monitor. The transmission takes place using a camera, which is attached directly to the microscope.

For the course of therapy, the images are saved and compared at the next check-up. Therefore, the patient can follow his or her own therapeutic success. The check-ups take place every 4–5 weeks.

Dark field diagnosis is over 100 years old and is connected with Dr Günter Enderlein. Not only did he develop isopathic medicines, which were already used in his own time with great success, but also he had great success in the observation of microbes and their developmental cycles. 

Dark field diagnosis can be used on its own or in combination with other diagnostic procedures. After a holistic case history and diagnosis, an individual therapy plan is created for you, which always includes a comprehensive solution comprising several procedures.

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