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Health Day for Holistic Natural Treatments (Sept. 4, 2021, 11 a.m.-6 p.m.)

On 4 September 2021 from a 11am to 6pm
At the Angler's Home at the Kiessee in Rangsdorf

Lectures and workshops on the following topics will be held every hour at all stands:

  • Dark field diagnosis
    What your blood reveals about you.
  • Physical vascular therapy BEMER
    Feel the effect on your blood circulation.
  • Shrinkage therapy, Chinese beating (Paida)
    Their technique and effect on the body and mind.
  • BodyTalk - Acupuncture without needles
    Experience active health care at the stand with five BodyTalk Access techniques. Feel their effect on your own body.
  • High frequency water vitaliser
    Tap water can be used to produce qualities of spring or glacier water.
  • Herbs from our region - Superfood on the doorstep
    Skin, hair, body and soul in harmony with teas, oils, tinctures and incenses.
  • Yoga & Mental Coaching
    We focus on your personal health concerns. You are welcome to join us for a short introductory yoga class.
  • Oil mill from Rangsdorf
    Natural oils for daily use.
  • Ringana - natural freshness and effectiveness
    Unique products for internal and external use. Try it out for yourself.
  • Heart Lotus - heavenly energy cotton blankets
    Feel for yourself which blanket supports you to get back into harmony.
  • Meditative painting
    Be enchanted by profound images and take part in a cup painting workshop.
  • Beneficial magnetic jewellery
    Feel the effects that jewellery has on body, mind and soul.
  • Tarot cards and their meaning
    If there are questions that you cannot answer yourself, then ask the cards.


Children's entertainment programme:

  • Free music making
    Here your children will learn about different instruments under professional guidance.
  • Felting
    Your children can try out the old craft themselves.
  • Weave a flower wreath
    Whether old or young, everyone can take part and you will be guided by experts.
  • Small painting corner with crayons


Our cake bazaar takes care of your physical well-being with coffee, tea and cake. We are looking forward to your visit!



Health Day Flyer



Anglerheim at the Kiessee
Bergstraße 94 - 15834 Rangsdorf



Kerstin Reinhardt, Natural healing practitioner
Phone: 030 259 358 49

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