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Treatment Costs

Accupuncture, Moxibustion, Pulse Diagnosis, Medicinal Leech Therapy, Bloodletting, Wet and Dry Cupping, Schiele Hydrotherapy, Baunscheidtism, Bioresonance Therapy, Autohemotherapy, Neuraltherapy, Mesotherapy, Dorn Spinal Therapy, Chiropractic, Behaviour Therapy, Conversation Based Therapy, Guided Imagery, The Therapies of Hildegard of Bingen, Progressive Muscle Relaxation, Kinesiology Session, Acid-Base Regulation

Consultation / telephone consultation 30 min. 30 €

Medical history consultation / diagnosis before each initial treatment 25 min. 35 €

Therapy session, per hour 60 min. 70 €
  30 min. 35 €


Additional Material Charges

Leeches per leech 10 €

Dressings for medicinal leech therapy   10 €

Dressings for wet cupping or Baunscheidtism   10 €

Bioresonance chip or drops each 8 €

Bloodletting materials each15 €

Neuraltherapy materials each15 €

Mesotherapy materials each15 €

Autohemotherapy materials each15 €


EssSense Nutritional Counselling

Weight loss plan and metabolic optimisation, including food intolerance test and 3 treatment sessions   398 € weitere Informationen



Classic Massage 30 min. 35 € weitere Informationen
  60 min. 65 €

Foot Reflexology Massage 30 min. 35 € weitere Informationen

Glacier massage 30 min. 40 € weitere Informationen

Breuß Massage 30 min. 40 € weitere Informationen

Manual Lymphatic Drainage 30 min. 35 € weitere Informationen
  60 min. 65 €


Will health insurance cover the treatment?

Statuatory health insurance funds do not cover costs for naturopathic treatments. However, private health insurance companies cover a range of naturopathic therapy methods. Clients who are privately insured should consult with their insurance companies prior to the treatment to confirm whether costs are covered, and if so, to what extent.


If a client is late or does not cancel an appointment

If the client does not cancel at least 24 hours before the appointment, 70% of the treatment costs will be charged as a cancellation fee.

Treatment Costs Naturopathy Practice for Classical Healing Therapies Berlin
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